Landsat Legacy eps 3

It’s not enough just to record data with a satellite; you also need to analyze it here on Earth.

Episode 3 shows the efforts of the USGS to downlink and archive the five decades of Landsat data we’ve collected, as well as make it available for scientists and other data users.

In this episode, we’re introduced to Mike O’Brien, who is on the receiving end of daily downloads, as well as Kristi Kline, who is in charge of making Landsat data available at no cost to the user.

Jeff Masek, the Landsat 9 Project Scientist at NASA, describes how access to data has revolutionized what we can learn about our home planet. More than just pictures, Landsat’s verified scientific data is giving us a slice of human history and the changes on Earth’s surface.

Additional footage courtesy of Gordon Wilkinson/Texas Archive of the Moving Image, the US Geological Survey Thanks to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center